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Last month we had to unexpectedly put down our old sweet girl, Roxy.

Roxy |

Even though my family will say it’s spelled Roxie, I know the truth! 11 years ago when we were trying to pick out her name, I may or may not have been obsessed with PacSun and the Roxy surf clothing line. So when we were coming up with names I put in Roxy, while 6 year old Sarah wanted Coco.
Roxy |

This girl was definitely not a Coco.Roxy |

Bruce has been missing his partner in crime and peanut butter buddy. Roxy |

We’ve been missing the judgey side eye and crazy eyes from the back seat of the car. Roxy |

But I know the couches are more comfy in dog heaven Roo.

Roxy |

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling off. As a creative person, I had been used to getting burst of energy to work and periods of not wanting to do anything. But this time was different. I’d been feeling burned out on all the things I had to do. I had no creative energy.. I had no real energy. I didn’t get excited about things that normally made me happy to work on. I didn’t want to do any of it.

One Tree Hill | Haley | Quote Gif

When I use social media I like to be positive so every time I logged on it gave me anxiety and stressed me out. Especially when I use social media for business purposes, it was like I couldn’t get on and connect with people without doing all those things for business. I didn’t feel like pretending I was happy and everything was rainbows and unicorns.


So I decided to sign off social media and get off my phone for a while. I stopped worrying about business or posting or any of that. It was awesome. Since I have my own business and a number of things I’m passionate about I had time to just not think. I had time to reflect and figure out my next move. I know that there are going to be days like that and I’ve accepted that. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself..

I am alive.
I am breathing.
I am trying.
I am growing.
and for now, that is more than enough.

I’ve realized there is no wrong way to practice self care. You do what you need to do. I needed it. Mental health is just important than physical health. If not more important. Stay in your pajamas, go unplugged, practice meditation, snuggle your dog, get a pedicure, go for a run, take a nap, binge watch Netflix. Do whatever you need to do.


But here’s to getting back in the swing of things. While I might not feel 100% all the time, I know that things are going back up.

I missed the episode last night because I was picking up my mom from the airport.. but I just got caught up so let’s get to it!

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

We start with Lauren B and Milf Amanda talking about Olivia being sketch. #PreachLadies

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

And then we find out Lauren B gets a one on one date.. where he takes the fight attendant for a spin in a plane. She pretends to be all nervous and they make out, fly over the mansion and end up in the middle of no where.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

BUT! Have no fear, when I say the middle of no where.. Bachelor fam has us covered because hello? It wouldn’t be a one on one date without a hot tub, “deep talks” and a make out sesh.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

At fake dinner (cause these people never eat on camera) we find out that Lauren B’s dad is pretty spectacular and simple and Ben has big shoes to follow. We also find out Ben’s dad has heart problems, needed surgery and is doing fabulous. So bonding over dad’s get’s Lauren B a rose and a date ending in a concert with someone else I don’t know.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Then we move on to the group date which is a soccer game with the help of Kelley O’Hara and Alex Morgan! We got a lot of good footage of the girls practicing and the facial expressions were on point.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

We cut back briefly to Jubilee being all insecure and getting upset and thinking she’ll never get the one on one date.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Chris Harrison comes back and drops the news the girls are going to compete against each other and the winning team will get to go to the night portion of the date. And smack talk and freak outs begin.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Somehow Amber scores the winning goal during sudden death. And the Stars head home super pitifully like their dog died or something actually serious. Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

And it wouldn’t be a true group date if Olivia didn’t pounce on Ben before the drinks are set down. And it wouldn’t be in Olivia fashion if she takes him up to the hotel room and beckons down to the peasants so they know what’s up.
Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

And while, Olivia clearly isn’t my favorite person, Amber and Lace try to find something physically wrong with that physically flawless human. Which, drum roll please… girlfriend apparently has fat toes. *GASP* *EYE ROLL* *BLANK STARE* And of course Jami goes to Olivia once she’s back and let’s her know the girls are talking about her.. “THEY SAID I HAD FAT TOES? BEING FLAWLESS IS LAME! LAAAAMMEEEE! ”

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Let’s pause for a brief minute to enjoy this reaction from Jubilee, who found out she’s going on the one on one date.
Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

But back to the group date, somehow Amber has good enough conversation she gets to make out with him and the rose. #FinallyAmber Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Then when it’s Jubilee’s turn for her date, Ben’s “20 minutes late”, so she acts all nonchalant about it and then when he finally shows up and reveals the date involves a helicopter ride. *oh shit face*
Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Jubilee trying to play it cool but pretty sure she is terrified. She jokes about having another girl take her date, which *surprise, surprise* makes the other girls all ragey. Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

This beautiful compilation is Jubilee trying caviar for the first time. No shame girl.. my reaction would be worse.. or maybe not cause I wouldn’t have tried it.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Then there is this “white boy” comment made while playing shuffle board, which makes Jubilee swoon. During her interview she talks about how this is what a normal day would look like. You know spending the day in a mansion, eating fancy foods, drinking wine and chilling in an infinity pool.Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

But during the fake dinner portion she tells Ben some deep emotional shit about her life in Haiti. Ben seems a bit caught of guard and pretty much give her the rose. He talks about how much he loves her layers so I guess that’s a positive.Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

I *almost* thought I was going to go a whole episode without seeing this face, but Olivia didn’t disappoint. Ben came in to break the news before the cocktail party that two people he was close with died in a plane crash. Everyone seems genuinely concerned until…Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

Olivia pulls him away first to get emotional about her “cankles”
Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

And while Jubilee has become more standoffish to her kinda boyfriends other suiters, they get angry and Amber thinks it would be a good idea to confront her about it. Jub gets upset and luckily Ben comes to her rescue while Amber standing there looking dumb.Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

After that drama dies down Ben sits with the group and Crazy Lace decided she needs to love herself and not be crazy before she could ever love Ben and she leaves…

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

During the rose ceremony Olivia is knocked off her pedestal by getting the last rose. #WinningBachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

But that meant Sushanna and Jami were sent packing. Sushanna was a little upset while Jami was all like “Don’t trust anything” “I’m getting cats”

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 3 |

AND THE RARE OCCASION we caught someone eating!!!

And that’s week 3! My favorites are: Lauren B, Jojo, Becca, Amanda and Leah, who I hope we get to see more of!

 xoxo, Amy | blog signature |

Amy Lorraine is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, and graphic designer. She loves creating art in all forms, avocados on her bagel, naps and all things organization. Getting healthier and learning about natural wellness is her current jam. Amy currently lives in southern Maryland with the cutest corgi puppy, Bruce.

We first get started with a creepy intro with the girls saying how they’re gonna marry him. Like girl, you don’t even know him yet. It hasn’t even been two weeks.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

And now Ben getting dressed, gazing out the window, drinking coffee being all adorable and shit.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

FIRST DATE CARD: Jackie, LB (who is this?), Lauren H(who is this?), Becca, Amber, Wierdo Mandi, Jojo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Crazy Lace.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Crazy Lace talking more crazy talk with inserts of saying she’s not crazy.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Now to the group date is Bachelor High .. with Mr.Belding Chris Harrison

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

The date is a paired up competition trying to get the shot at homecoming queen. First challenge is Science and trying to make his volcano explode which no shocker puts Crazy Lace/Jubilee out first. Sorry Jubilee, you should have had a handicap advantage. Then onto “Lunch class” bobbing for apples which makes Jackie and whoever her partner was get kicked out. Then on to the geography challenge which totally stumps Becca/Jojo but I don’t blame them.. who knows where Indiana is? Not me.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

For the gym test the girls need to make a free throw, which somehow makes Mandi/Amber the winners, but to actually crown Homecoming queen they have to run hurdles to the finish line, and Mandi kills it. I’m sure the tiara is better than the giant rose from night one. But then all the girls stand around so jealous and awkward plotting her murder.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Fast forward to night time date night. Becca pulls Ben aside first and they play a little one on one and she puts it all out there. Like look, you aren’t a farmer so I’m excited to be here. Like I’m not scared, I could actually date you.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Then he kisses Jennifer. Which.. you guessed it, Crazy Lace gets all ragey it wasn’t her.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Meanwhile, the girls at the mansion get the new date card. We find out Caila gets the first one on one and Olivia looks confused as if she’s never seen the show before. She didn’t know that first impression rose wasn’t the marriage proposal. ALSO WHAT IS WITH THIS FACE SHE MAKES..?

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

And back again to Crazy Lace who didn’t get the memo this is The Bachelor. “I’m not that person” *cuts to interview portion where she keeps talking crazy* And her face is all “JUST KISS ME ALREADY” and she thinks they’re is some intense eye contact. She doesn’t understand that when you’re the only one around, he’s supposed to look at you.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Which is unfortunate because Jubilee ruins the non existent moment cuts in and Crazy Lace is now plotting her murder. Like how could you do that to her Jubilee? It was her moment. Then Jubilee reveals she was born in Hati and orphaned before she was adopted at 6. Ben was moved by it enough to kiss her.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Then the girls are like Crazy Lace Y U BEING SO CRAZY? Stop complaining. And she’s like UGH BITCHES. And then interrupts Ben’s time with LB. And he STILL didn’t kiss her.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

So then Ben comes and gets Jojo specifically to take a stroll on the roof top. And he makes out with her..
Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 | www.amylorraine.comSo I guess at this point we realize he did decide to take Chris Soules advice?

Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |*except Crazy Lace*

Then he continues to tell all the girls how awesome they are but only can give one rose and then Jojo gets it. Aka.. she must be the best kisser. Duh. So it’s no big surprise that Crazy Lace is mad. I’m sure if she could of let him know a few more times how she wasn’t crazy and then he would have given it to her.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Next date, Caila and Ben, get to Ride Along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube to promote their movie. They all pretend to care about Ice Cube, but let’s get real, they’re all excited about Kevin Hart.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Even though the girls back at the mansion are dreaming of all the cool celeb things they’re out doing (since you know, they’re all there strictly on the show for the right reasons), little do they know the date planned is to have a cheap date. They drive around with the best back seat drivers and commentary Ben buys flowers, liquor and then get into a hot tub, at the store… with Kevin Hart. And more shameless plugs of Ride Along 2, which is in theaters on Friday.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Brief pause for this interaction:

Bachelor producer: What’s the most romantic thing you guys have ever done for a woman?
Ice Cube: Uh, I married one. That’s pretty romantic, huh?
Kevin Hart: I cooked some fried chicken one time in a Crock-Pot. Yeah, that was cool.

Milf Amanda facetimes with her kids and talks about how she wants to tell Ben she has kids, and then the date card arrives for Twin 1, Sushanna, Sam, Olivia, Twin 2 and Milf Amanda get the next group date card.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Ben tells Caila that he’s excited to get to know her. And she’s all like me too, you’re totes loveable. And he’s like oh thanks here’s this rose. Then they head to a theater where this dude starts singing and I have no clue who he was until Ben said his name and then I still didn’t know who Amos Lee is. But I know the song. And then they slow dance and make out. and *collectively we all swoon* at the cuteness.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Next group date is trying to break down love and science. The twins admit they’re not smart.. but we already know that. And then we find out Sushanna can speak English. And Ben blindfolded starts sniffing all the girls to see if their scent is attractive? But to make it even better they get to have watch the other girls get all touchy feely with Ben on thermal cameras. Where Olivia begs for a kiss but Ben being a gentleman says no because everyone is watching. And we find out Samantha rated lowest and Olivia is the highest.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

So then the night part of the group date gets Olivia the first one on one time and more open mouth awkwardness. Like are you waiting for Mandi to give you an oral exam or what? And then she tries to rub it in with the girls cause clearly Ben is into her and she’s like #LetsPlayMindGames but Amanda isn’t having any of it. “Olivia is the worst” – Amanda.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |


So when Amanda pulls him away to tell him she has kids Ben is all “She makes more sense! I can totally date a Milf.” And he’s all sweet and caring and kissing her. And like “Yeah I want a family, duh. Kids don’t scare me.”

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

So of course Olivia gets the rose.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2

Then later Leah is mad Olivia interrupted time with Ben which is not okay cause she’s already got a rose. So when she comes back Olivia tells the peasants that she hopes they can respect that and now get their time. Which makes Crazy Lace pulls her aside like Y U DOING THIS? YOU CAN’T DO THAT! YOU AREALY HAVE A ROSE.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

And she’s like well Imma fight to the death for my man, so suck it. But good lucky Crazy Lace. Go get him. So Crazy Lace goes to find Ben to continue to tell him he’s not crazy and then tries to tell a sob story about being dorky. Apparently her brother’s pretended not to know her and her bangs were an issue. But girlfriend, we all have had bad bangs, it’s a right of passage. And to Ben’s relief Lauren B cuts in. *insert crying and the quote “My insecure Lace came out.* Why do we still let people talk in third person?

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Lauren B is all cute and adorable and Ben reveals he got a picture printed of them from the first night to make her feel special. But then Ben gives yellow dress blonde girl a first place ribbon for the science contest to make her feel special. And then he pulls Amanda aside to make rose hair clips with a hot glue gun for her daughters to make her feel special.  THIS IS WHY GIRLS HAVE TRUST ISSUES.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |


There are so many faces who I don’t even know who they are?!?

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Olivia, Caila, and Jojo are already safe.. and now Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B, Leah, Becca, Rachel (WHO ARE YOU?), Lace (THANKS AGAIN PRODUCTION), LB gets picked but decides that she wants to leave cause  HELLO this shit is cray and not for me, Jennifer, Twin 1, Jami (WHO ARE YOU AGAIN?) Larren H, oh yeah.. the yellow dress blonde girl, Sushanna, Twin 2, and Amber (Would have gone home if LB didn’t leave!!)

Of course we get the obligatory Samantha so hurt for being let go. I mean they had such a good connestion for only being around each other like 3 times.

Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

Oye. This show just keeps getting better. But I’m really hoping next season would be more like Big Brother with live rose ceremonies and live feeds. That would make this show so much better.

My favorites still are: Lauren B, Jojo, Becca and Amanda.

And that’s week 2. You guys it can only get better from here! I mean look at these faces we get…
Bachelor Recap | Ben Higgins | Episode 2 |

 xoxo, Amy | blog signature |

Amy Lorraine is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, and graphic designer. She loves creating art in all forms, avocados on her bagel, naps and all things organization. Getting healthier and learning about natural wellness is her current jam. Amy currently lives in southern Maryland with the cutest corgi puppy, Bruce.

Motivational Monday | If not now, when? |

Some days my motivation is on 100%. Some days my motivation is on like -62%. But I try to remind myself that I have to work now. If I don’t make the time now, when will I? Never.

 xoxo, Amy | blog signature |

Amy Lorraine is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, and graphic designer. She loves creating art in all forms, avocados on her bagel, naps and all things organization. Getting healthier and learning about natural wellness is her current jam. Amy currently lives in southern Maryland with the cutest corgi puppy, Bruce.

The Live Better Challenge |

If you’ve been around here for a little while I’m sure you’re heard me say that I try to live my life by the Maya Angelou quote, “Do the best that you can, until you know better. Then when you know better, do better”.

After following Feed Me Phoebe, I was inspired by her Wellness Project. And for the past couple of month’s I’ve been planning my own, The Live Better Challenge. I’m excited to finally start this and share it with you! Since I know most New Years resolutions fail for many reasons, I think one reason is that we try to go zero to sixty after the clock strikes midnight. So instead of trying to cut EVERYTHANG out I’m going to make 1-2 changes that are mental or physical each month. During that month I will be researching and reading up on the next months challenge too.

January – Chug Life

This month will be me trying my best to drink a gallon of water, 3oz of Ningxia Red and use my Progessence Plus serum daily! Hydration and supplements to help with skin issues and energy levels!

February – Werk Out!

I will get back on my consistent workout plan, thanks to Katy Hearn, I am going to be redoing the past challenges!


March – Creative Juice
Making daily efforts to get my creative juice flowing again. I’ve signed up for a calligraphy class with Lauren Hooper that I am super excited about. But I will also be spend time working with my new silhouette machine, taking photos and adult coloring books!


April – Healthy Gut
In April, I will say goodbye to processed foods and see how much of a difference life would be without it!  This one is really important to me and I wanted to start it January, but I want to spend a little more time researching and planning so I don’t fail. It’s also my birthday month so, major. challenge. accepted.

May – Green Beauty
Oye. This one will be tough. During May I will be researching and trying out many new healthy beauty products. I am going to rid my makeup drawers of all the toxic crap that is just making my skin worse. Since there are very few regulations on beauty products in the US I am making it my mission to find healthy, cruelty free and vegan beauty replacements that are up to par with what I am using now!


June – Quitting Sugar
God Bless. This one is probably going to be the most challenging. I am a sweet tooth. I don’t just have a big one, I am one. Going vegan, has helped for the most part since I can’t eat most tradition junk, and I tend to lean more towards lazy when it comes to baking. I tend to not have sweets, but you better not leave me around a box of Oreos. But the more I learn about wellness, the more I’m learning about how awful sugar is for us and how it’s in ev-ery-thang. If I can get away from most processed food in April, I think I may have a shot, even in ice cream season.

July – Screen Time Detox
I love the internet, my computer, this blog, social media, my iphone, Google and Netflix. But I don’t want to be so consumed. In July I will be limiting my screen time on my computer and phone for blog/social media-ing and completely say goodbye to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and the actual TV. Self-Control App will be in full affect, and hopefully that will mean more adventuring, more art, more relationships, more fun, more Bruce time.


August – Back It Up
I literally sat up straight and I started typing this because having good posture is not natural. Most of my day is sitting or laying.. I do walk around and move but I work on a computer for a good portion of my time and other times, I’m laying in bed becuase, hello.. Netflix. I also have a minor case of scoliosis and I want to reduce my back pain. I’ve found Deep Relief to be a God send for pain but I’m hoping to find some other ways to reduce it as well. I might try a deep tissue massage, standing desks, stretching, pilates, who knows.


September – Home Toxin Detox
Since getting into Essential Oils, I have slowly and surely gotten rid of a lot of toxic things from my home. But this month I will dig a little deeper and finally rid my space of things that I should be avoiding. Things like cookware, cleaners and candles.

October – Restful Sleep
I am a nap advocate because I’m not a morning person. It’s not that I don’t want to be, but my body just rejects getting up early. In October, I hope to change that. I want to sleep at least 7 hours a night, without falling asleep to the tv, and waking up earlier. I hope to banish my 7 alarm system and not need to hit the snooze button.


November – Mindfullness and Meditation
For this one I really want to focus on learning how to properly meditate and see how it can help my in my everyday life. I want to become more mindful, organized and on top of things. Less multi-tasking, more presence and zen.



December – Connecting The Dots
During December I’m going to really evaluate all of this new found wellness and find the balance between them. I want to find out what works, what doesn’t, what’s practical, and what is never gonna make it to 2017. Reflect, and find peace on being a better wellness warrior.



I think it’s really important that any wellness challenge not be a “lose X lbs” or “Eat X calories a day” kinda thing. I want this to really focus on overall wellness.. mind, body and soul. I want to have more consistency and grace for when I’m not consistent. I want to learn better so I can do better and eventually live better.

For January, my focus is to drink a gallon of water, 3oz of Ningxia Red and use my Progessence Plus serum daily. I’ve heard so many good reasons why you should be drinking a gallon of water that I figured it was time to try again! From less headaches, better sleep, less acne and reduces dark under eye circles. I did this before but was never consistent with it. Ningxia Red contains wolfberries and according to this LiveStrong website, they have a high level of antioxidant, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Iron! I have friends with great personal testimonies for how much the love Ningxia. Progessence Plus has been known to help benefit the skin, but it is also great for balancing PMS! And we all could use some help when it’s Shark Week. Ammirite ladies?

Are you doing anything different this year to get your wellness on? If you haven’t tried Essential Oils.. you should add that to your list. but feel free to copy my list above and let’s do it together! #2016IsGonnaBeMyBitch. 😉

 xoxo, Amy | blog signature |

Amy Lorraine is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, and graphic designer. She loves creating art in all forms, avocados on her bagel, naps and all things organization. Getting healthier and learning about natural wellness is her current jam. Amy currently lives in southern Maryland with the cutest corgi puppy, Bruce.

  • Phoebe @ Feed Me Phoebe - Wow Amy! I’m so thrilled you were inspired to start a wellness project of your own! Good luck with all your goals and if I can be a source of continued information on any of these subjects, please be in touch! xoReplyCancel

Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 | www.amylorraine.comI started watching The Bachelor the very first season (#TeamTrista) and have watched it off and on ever since. Throughout the years two things have remained.. Chris Harrison and drama. Now I don’t like to watch too much “reality” tv because there are better things I can be doing during my night.. but for some reason I got started back on The Bachelor kick with the farmer, Chris Soules.. then of course I watched Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “controversial season, and because of that I am now all in for Ben Higgins.

The Bachelor | www.amylorraine.comI’ll admit, I am *slightly* hoping Ben Higgins turns out to be another disaster like Juan Pablo but it’s probably just me speaking in bitterness since I wasn’t picked for this season of The Bachelor. And I blame all of you for not nominating me. I was too lazy to make a video explaining why I should be on this show to meet Ben . I do hope he found love and happiness, and I do hope we find out he has a twin brother. 😉
Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |

But now.. let’s get down to business.

Ben: Can that man get any better looking?

Why is this dude walking through corn talking about being unloveable? Bish, you cray. #LetMeLoveYou

Ugh can his family get any cuter?

More awkward posing in Indiana. Let’s get some better B roll ABC please.

Chris Soules.. Why are you there?
You’re the only one not married..
Stop giving bad love advice.
Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |

Now to the girls. We all know intros like this mean that a few of these girls are gonna be front runners, and a few are gonna be crazy entertainment..

Lauren Barr: Freaking adorable.

Caila: She’s super cute but a little too excited for my taste.

Jubilee: She’s gorgeous and I hope none of the girls get on her bad side. She will kick ya ass.

Mandi: I don’t trust dentists.. Don’t like her. Nope.

Emily + Haley: I guess its cool to get on the show with your twin sister.. but who in their right mind wants to date the same guy their sister is dating?



Amanda: Total babe & milf.

“The Chicken or the Ben?”

Samantha:  Dad had ALS and died when she was 13.. She seems genuine but I’m just hoping she’s not crazy like Kelsey from last season.

Internal thoughts every time he’s on the screen: I wonder how much Chris Harrison makes for doing this? I want his job. It would be hilarious.

Lauren B: Okay okay, we get it.. you’re adorable.

Caila… no. that run and jump. awkward. no. can’t.

Jennifer: Ben + JEN reference… that jlo curse

Jamie: Canadian friends with Kaitlyn

Samantha: Passed the Barr Exam. Okay brains and beauty.

Jubilee: awkward pickup lines.. okay. She cute tho.

Amanda: simple. sweet. doing it right.

Lace: Kiss tho? Girl stop.

Nameless?: Girlllllll. Get it together. You don’t go full crazy on the first night. It’s a sure fire way to make sure you go.

Sushanna: What?…

Leah: Trying a little too hard at Fantasy football
Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |
Unicorn Head.. I mean”Jojo” : freaking gorgeous
Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |

Lauren H: weird dead roses girl.. ominous foreshadowing? probably.

Laura: aka Red Velevet. Kinda looks like Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain. She cute, probably going home tho.. Anyone who says you can call me Red Velvet probably won’t make it past night one.

Mandi: stop it. Just stop it. Like I said, can’t trust a dentist. Is she on laughing gas or something stronger?

Twins talking in unison.. freaks me out. Las Vegas Twins. Oye, they’re totally here for true love.

Here comes the horse.. This girl totally stole my idea cause if I woulda been picked.. Bruce totes woulda been with me if I had been on the show.

Anti Gluten..? Eh.

Izzie in a onesie.. Go ‘head girl. Let them haters hate.

Rachel. Unemployed but got a hoverboard? #Priorities

Back to Lace aka this seasons Villians gotta Vil.
Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |

Jessica: Sweet, seems genuine and girl next door.

Tiara: Back to the Chicken Enthusiast… Cause I would want mine to say Corgi Enthusiast & Blogger.

Jackie: Save the date. That’s a bit much.

Olivia: She is so gorgeous. That is all.

He called hims parents. Oh, come on.

Mandi: No. Is there a go home immediately black rose?
Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |

Olivia: Left her job for this? So her title bar should say “Unemployed” too. But idk.. I don’t really feel like this girl is genuine. Calling it now. She’s cray.

Becca!!! I really hope she gets a better edit than she did on Chris’ season. I didn’t find her that appealing, she’s gorgeous of course but she was always so awkward and quiet. Since her time off last season, I follow her on Snapchat and Twitter and find her freaking hilarious.

Amber: Girl, let it go. I don’t even remember her on Chris’ season and then was embarrassing on Bachelor in Paradise (Although, I figure that’s the point of the show) But now another time?

Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |

All the girls once Becca walks in and they see competition:

I’m sorry Lace.. You weren’t about to kiss.

Olivia gets the first impression rose and all the girls lose their mind. But Chris Harrison jumps in to save Ben from the rage.

And now on to the rose ceremony….. DUN DUN DUN.

okay, okay, okay…

HOW MANY PRODUCERS MADE HIM PICK LACE? Or did he just forget the rest of the girls names?

I mean I get this show needs drama and he’s a good guy who won’t be causing any himself but do we really need to keep the obvious nut jobs. I was SO hoping he’d kindly send her home after he “MADE NO EYE CONTACT” during that rose ceremony. But nope.. I guess the bright side is that we’ll get to see what madness she stirs up for at least another episode more.

And now my picks… I don’t necessarily think all these girls are going to make it to the end, but these are my favorites so far:
Lauren B, Jojo, Becca, and Amanda.

And now I leave you with this gem.. Ben, the unicorn.

Bachelor Recap : Perfect Ben Episode 1 |
I do live tweet Monday nights with the rest of the wonderful #BachelorNation too. Care to join me?

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These images are not mine, I do not claim copyrights of these images and gifs.

  • Magally Putt - Hi Amy! Nice to “meet” you! I came across one of your beautiful photos in Pinterest which lead me to your Instagram which then lead me to this here blog and now I’m a full fledged Amy follower! :) I’m also an oiler! Yay #teamYL. so I said to myself that THIS was the season of Bachelor that I would finally quit. But your post is just TOO FUNNY!!! so now I gotta watch. Ha!ReplyCancel

I felt like 2016 Motivational Monday posts needed a face lift! Do you like the new look?
Motivational Monday | Don

When we stop and think about all the decisions we’ve made, we can spend a lot of time dwelling on the what if’s. And while I think our past decisions, experiences and choices are something we need to learn from from we shouldn’t let it take up too much of our today. One of my goals for 2016 is to stop looking back and thinking about what if. What if’s can destroy you, and I’ve let them eat at me from time to time.

Know Better. Do Better. Live Better. My 2016 overall goal.

Lion King | Past Quote |

 xoxo, Amy | blog signature |

Hello January | www.amylorraine.comToday is the day for a fresh start. It’s a new month in a new year and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I know everyone likes to think that miraculously everything is going to change at the start of a new year.. but I have been tired of my own bullshit for some time and slowly changing things around me. My attitude, my ambition, my energy.. It’s all affected me, and I’m learning that it needs to be positive to remain positive.

This month I am starting my Live Better Challenge, that I will dive in Wednesday to explain further. My challenge this month will be to drink a gallon of water, drink Ningxia red, and take my supplements and vitamins every day.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a snow day or two and preferably Tuesdays because Monday nights I will be up late watching The Bachelor and the new after show. Because of my love for Ben Higgins, I am going to start doing recaps of this season on Tuesdays mornings.

Speaking of TV, Pretty Little Liars comes back on the 12th and hopefully it won’t disappoint as much as the “Big A” reveal. I think I’m gonna dig the 5 year jump and keep drooling over wardrobes I’ll never afford.

I also got this Silhoutte cameo cutting machine for Christmas. Which makes me super excited and I am determined to start using and making #ALLOFTHETHINGS. I Pinterest searched “Cameo projects” and my brain is on overload in the best way possible.

I hope your New Years Eve was fun & everyone is safe. Get ready for 2016! I have a feeling it will be the best year yet!



 xoxo, Amy | blog signature | www.amylorraine.comAmy Lorraine is a lifestyle blogger, photographer, and graphic designer. She loves creating art in all forms, avocados on her bagel, naps and all things organization. Getting healthier and learning about natural wellness is her current jam. Amy currently lives in southern Maryland with the cutest corgi puppy, Bruce.

Ahhh, New Years Resolution time is quickly approaching.

How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
While we’d all love the clock to strike midnight and magically be healthier and smarter, and have time to do 106 other things.. the reality is that 2016 won’t make any changes unless we make them ourselves. Let’s get real, new year does not equal a new life. I hope we all can stop calling them resolutions and change the word to goals.
But if you really want to make some changes starting with January 1st, 2016.. These 10 steps will help you actually reach them.


  1. Stop Bullshitting Yourself
    How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
    Don’t think that you’re going to wake up Friday morning and suddenly stop craving sweets and want to run a half marathon if the past year you’ve never done either. We all should have positive inner dialogue and big dreams, but it does need to be more realistic so you can reach your goals in an attainable time frame. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for failure.


2. Make Goals Measurable
How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
Instead of “I want to be healthier” make your goal measurable like, “I will work out 3 times a week and have home cooked meals 5 nights a week”. Instead of “I want to spend more time with my husband” say, “I will have date nights once a week without the kids or devices. No exceptions.”

If you make your goals measurable instead of broad you’ll be able to achieve them better.

3. Motivate Yourself Daily
How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
Each and everyday wake up and say “LET’S DO THIS!” Each and everyday wake up and motivate yourself by looking at a vision board, writing down your goals/journaling, or reading a mission statement.My mission statement for 2016 is “Know Better, Do Better, Live Better. I will kinder, consistent, healthier, authentic, positive, honest, and fearless.”Everyday I am going to be reminding myself that (sticky note on my mirror) so that on those days that lack motivation I can snap out of it and put in werk. If you want your life to change, you’ve got to stop doing the things you’ve been doing and actually make changes.


4. Set Deadlines And Rewards
How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
I’m a big fan of positive reinforcement. Write out a list of the things that make you happy, and use them to reward yourself. I find getting a pedicure to be super relaxing and it makes me happy but sometimes I feel like I should be putting that money elsewhere. In 2016 if I stay on track of my monthly goals, I will be rewarding myself with a monthly pedicure guilt free!


5. Take This Advice From Amy Pohler
How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
Stop thinking you can change the world overnight. In 2016 I want to make major changes to my life. I want to work out consistently, drink more water, cut down sugar and processed foods, live more mindful, get more sleep, have better relationships.. etc. BUT I know I can not tackle them all in January. I’m lowering my expectations from what I can achieve in a day so I can really set myself up for success in the entire year. Each month I will be tackling a new wellness challenge. January I will be drinking a gallon of water, drinking Ningxia red, and taking my vitamins/supplements daily. Then in February when those things have become habits in my routine, I will be trying a new wellness challenge.. etc.

6. Don’t Give Up
How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
It’s really easy to get off track. We want to “start tomorrow” but tomorrow will never come if we keep that mentality. If your goal is to workout for 1 hour a day, but then you run out of time your 4th day in, instead of quitting, waiting til tomorrow, next week, or month.. Bust out a quick 15, 20, 30 minute workout. I used to think if I couldn’t workout for a full hour or two then it was worthless, but lets be real.. getting up and working up a sweat for 15 minutes is better than 0 minutes. You don’t have time to read an entire book in a day, just read a chapter.

7. Have Others Hold You Accountable
How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
This one is great for working out partners, especially if you carpool. You’ll be less likely to stay in bed if someone is counting on you. But maybe that friend is someone online.. create a group chat, or facebook group. Talk about your struggles and your successes. We all have things we want to change and we all need someone to lean on. Find your person.

How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
I don’t mean type. I don’t mean think of in your head. I mean go write them out with actual pen and paper. Then break them down with a plan of action!

In 1979, interviewers asked new graduates from the Harvard’s MBA Program and found that :

  • 84% had no specific goals at all
  • 13% had goals but they were not committed to paper
  • 3% had clear, written goals and plans to accomplish them

In 1989, the interviewers again interviewed the graduates of that class.  You can guess the results:

  • The 13% of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84 percent who had no goals at all.
  • Even more staggering – the three percent who had clear, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.

(Source:  from the book What They Don’t Teach You in the Harvard Business School, by Mark McCormack)

9. Schedule It All.

How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |
Scheduling has become one of my favorite things to do. I of course have free time, a power hour, and wiggle room when life happens. But, there is something rewarding to me to schedule my day, week, and/or month and feel accomplished. I overestimate how long somethings will take me and I schedule it all. My workouts, my showers, my tv shows, my deadlines. I love my Inkwell Press Planner and it has been helping me stay organized and on top of everything.

Get the husband/kids schedules all put in so you know whats happening with everyone else too. I love pen to paper but I also add things digitally. Google Calendar will become your best friend if you prefer your life digitally organized. Set reminders and sync to your phone. It will take some time to get you organized but it will save you so much more time and hassle once you’re finally on top of things.

10. Stop Bullshitting Yourself
How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |

I had to repeat this one again because it really needs to sink in. Nobody wants your life to change more than you. Nobody will be disappointed if you don’t achieve your goals in 2016 more than you. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. You have to cut the excuses. You have to make the changes. You can do it, but you have to do it yourself.

And if you don’t know what to set your goal this year, take one from Honey Boo Boo:

How To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them | www.amylorraine.comHow To Set Goals and Actually Reach Them |







Let me know in the comments what goals you achieved in 2015 and what your goals are for 2016?


xoxo, Amy | blog signature |

Oh, 2015. What can I say.. you’ve been quite the year. I’ve had ups and down, but lemme tell you.. there have been wayyyy more ups and I am so thankful. I’m sad to see you go but I have got my eyes set on big things for 2016!

2015 | My Year In Review | www.amylorraine.comMy brothers dog became our family dog when we moved back from Florida and was living with us for a bit. It was pretty devastating to say goodbye to Rufus when he passed in the beginning of the year.

Goodbye Rufus |

A month later my best friend Krista’s dog Molly had puppies and Sir Bruce Corgnelius was born.
Meet Sir Bruce Corgnelius | One Week Old Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy | In April we celebrated my birthday at the new restaurant my brother was working at, Preserve. It has quickly become my favorite place to eat! It’s in downtown Annapolis, so if you’re in the area.. check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

Preserve | Downtown Annapolis |

In May I traveled to California for the first time where I attend the Thrive Retreat. I finally got to meet Leah and Brittany who have been friends for years and I made so many new friendships, I photographed a ton, and learned so much.
Five on Friday | May 22nd, 2015 | Southern Maryland Lifestyle Photographer

The day after I got back, I went to pick up Bruce so he could finally come home!
Five on Friday | May 22nd, 2015 | Southern Maryland Lifestyle Photographer

The summer was just mostly filled with that furry beast.
2015 | My Year In Review | www.amylorraine.com2015 | My Year In Review | www.amylorraine.com2015 | My Year In Review | www.amylorraine.comCorgi Puppy | Five on Friday | June 12th, 2015 | Southern Maryland Lifestyle Photographer | www.amylorraine.com2015 | My Year In Review |

I got to see Kasey, my friend since middle school, get married!

2015 | My Year In Review | www.amylorraine.comI had a fun photoshoot with Ali in the fall.

Ali | Fall Photoshoot | Southern Maryland Senior Photographer |

And spent a lot of time with my friends & family during the holidays

Oh Deer! Christmas Is Here! | www.amylorraine.comOh Deer! Christmas Is Here! | www.amylorraine.com2015 | My Year In Review | www.amylorraine.com2015 | My Year In Review | www.amylorraine.com2015 | My Year In Review |

I’m looking forward to whats to come in 2016 and I can’t wait to see what’s next. How was your 2015? Leave a comment with your favorite memory!
2015 | My Year In Review |

 xoxo, Amy | blog signature |

Amy Lorraine is a Lifestyle Photographer, Blogger and Creative who specializes in Senior Photography in Southern Maryland and surrounding areas including but not limited to Calvert County, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County and St Mary’s County.